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Important Service Announcement

Your OpenAir account will be upgraded to the OpenAir April 2019 Release on Saturday, April 13, 2019 beginning at 6:00 AM ET. We anticipate the upgrade process taking approximately 6-10 hours. During this time, your account will be unavailable.

OpenAir sandbox accounts will be upgraded to the OpenAir April 2019 Release on Saturday, March 23, 2019 beginning at 6:00 AM ET. Sandbox accounts to be unavailable for 4-8 hours during the upgrade process.

Please contact OpenAir Customer Support if you have any questions.

OpenAir Enhancements

October 13, 2018

Project, Project Task, Booking, and Expense list views, and the toolbar have received a makeover, making them more user friendly and visually striking! Users with a new role can access all saved list view configurations. Administrators can now manage saved list view configurations from within list views. The Saved List View Configurations feature will now be enabled for all customers by default. Individually place each custom field just like standard fields, exactly where you need them! Access the OpenAir Help Center with user credentials and directly access SuiteAnswers. Grant access to the Enabled features list by role permission.

Give your OpenAir resource profiles personality with custom user avatars! Use booking and booking assignment dates as filter criteria in custom calculation filters! Get a clearer picture of your resources' utilization with two new utilization columns in Advanced Resource Search results! Quickly and easily compare your resource search results! Use text phrases to quickly search through your resources' uploaded CVs and resumes! Directly download the latest version of the CV from the action column in the advanced resource search results. Include resources in your search results who are a great fit but currently assigned. Download a resource's skills and experience data in several formats! Use a new role permission to determine whether users can perform bulk actions in Resource Planner. Use booking type independently for RDR and RRQ. Set your preferred landing page for the resources module.

List and read published report data with OpenAir user Scripting functions. Approve Bookings from the XML API, SOAP API, and User Scripting. The Document/Literal Binding version of OpenAir's SOAP API now supports the upsert and createUser methods. Read and modify time for time entries (task) with the XML API, SOAP API and User Scripting. Read EAC, ETC, ITD from the XML API, SOAP API and User Scripting.

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