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OpenAir Enhancements

April 14, 2018

Save and load list view configurations and share them with your colleagues! Experience OpenAir with a new, slick, and user-friendly interface. Receive your data from Automatic Backup Service via FTPS. Changing your password requires you to enter the old password.

Projects, Resources and Invoices
Enjoy a more responsive, stylish Gantt Chart, Resource Planner, and Budget! Search results in Consolidated Resource Profile and Advanced Resource Search are now prioritized so that exact matches appear first, and are organized by category. Restrict and hide skills by role permission in Consolidated Resource Profile. Search for resources with any level of required skills in Advanced Resource Search. Invoice layouts now have additional options for combining charges.

Business Intelligence Connector
Publish your shared reports with owner or recipient access privileges and take control of the data you've published. See when and if your reports were published in your saved reports list view. Reports can now be unpublished from your OData feed. Replace non-alphanumeric characters with underscores in column titles and metadata in your OData feed. The Resource Name has been moved out of the Service URL to its own field in the Publish window.

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